Service Tax Registration in India

Registration of service tax is very important because with the help of registration it is very easy to regulate the payment made by the persons who comes under the service tax. In the last few decades service tax becomes a major source of revenue for the government, and in the coming years its volume will definitely increase. Ozg provides a professional and high quality service to its clients, that could best meet their requirement at the best. Ozg provides cost effective Service tax Registration in India and all parts of the world.

Service Tax Registration Procedure

All the person liable to pay service tax should file and application for registration within 30 days from the date on which the service tax on particular tax is become due to the jurisdictional Central Excise office. A fresh registration is to be filed in case of transfer of business to another person. The unique feature of the service tax is reliance on collection of tax through voluntary compliance. In certain cases it is the discretion of the central government to grant exemptions.